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      Child pornography is an issue that often shocks many people. This is because the things done to many children nowadays are unimaginable. This topic had awakened many private groups, organizations, and individuals regarding possible penalties to those who are already caught abusing a child in any form. What is child pornography and what are the punishments for offenders?

      Under the law, the case include any picture, video, film, photography, computer generated pictures that often involves a minor on any explicit sexual conduct. The law also penalizes those who distribute, produce, and even those who receive or possess such a depiction of child exploitation. When we say sexually explicit conduct, this scenario includes any lascivious exhibition of their genitals, masochistic abuse, masturbation, bestiality, anal and oral genital, and all other simulated intercourse.

      Any minor under the age of 18 is often covered under the child pornography law. It is a federal crime because of the distribution, manufacture and possession of an illegal video which contain child pornography. Why is it that there are some people who use kids in such unlawful act? The answer to that question is extremely easy. The most common reason is sexual gratification and fantasy among adult viewers. Another reason is that the younger the actress or actor is in a certain pornographic video, the more that they get aroused. In addition to those reasons are for curiosity and profiting.

      Who forced the child into pornography? Most of the time relatives, friends, and their neighborhood have a significant influence on who became the next victim. Since they are still minors, their minds can be easily corrupted by influential people around them. What does it do to the child? First is their ability to live a normal life just like the way how other kids enjoy their youth. They became a victim of a cruel society. The tendency is that they become aloof to people.

      The penalties associated with child pornography are extremely heavy. The conviction of this case includes incarceration for how many years, mandatory lifetime enrollment in a sex offender registry, mandatory psychological treatment, and heavy fines. State prosecutors are eager enough to protect the welfare of every victim. If a person is already charged with this crime, he or she needs a criminal defense attorney or a criminal attorney like a Utah defense attorney who is knowledgeable in such case. Defense attorneys who have so many experiences regarding such case should be their number one priority.

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