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      T’ai Chi Ch’uan
      Becoming One with the Tao

      by Toyo Kobayashi, Toyo Kobayashi

      T’ai Chi Ch’uan · Read More

      • ISBN: 9780804837644 (0804837643)
      • Release date: July 15, 2006
      • Language: english
      • Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
      • Format: paperback, 192 pages
      • Author: Toyo Kobayashi, Toyo Kobayashi

      About The Book

      Unlock the secrets and health benefits of this ancient internal Chinese martial art!

      T’ai Chi Ch’uan (or taijiquan), a Chinese internal martial art, is best appreciated in the West for its health and fitness benefits, as an art of self-defense, and as a spiritual path. In classical Tai Chi, these aspects form an inseparable unity.

      In this guide to the classical Yang style, Petra and Toyo Kobayashi present the foundations of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and give comprehensive insights into its methods. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the inner energy — Ch’i — and its contribution to a refined practice of T’ai Chi and its application in self-defense.

      This Tai Chi book contains a clear and fully illustrated exploration of the 37 positions of the Yang style’s short form and a basic partner exercise, Push Hands. Easy-to-follow photographs and diagrams with step-by-step instructions will help you to improve your practice. Ideal for practitioners at any level.

      Chapters include:

      The Styles

      The Principles

      Quotations from Old Masters

      Sixty-Four Questions and Answers About T’ai Chi Ch’uan

      Six Levels of Development

      The Thirteen Basic Positions and Techniques

      Advanced Practice

      Important Questions to Ask Yourself and more!

      Hardback T’ai Chi Ch’uan Toyo Kobayashi for iOS. PDF book T’ai Chi Ch’uan read online on Barnes & Noble. FictionBook ebook T’ai Chi Ch’uan buy cheap iPhone on Kobo. TXT book T’ai Chi Ch’uan by Toyo Kobayashi download.

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